Medical Help

Medical Help

Mamta Education Foundation is a benevolent Non profit Organization Registered Under New Delhi Act, 1961 (India) [ Reg. No.S – 971, Dated 17-07-2019 ] and it was established in the year 2019 with the primary purpose of helping the poor people who need legal help and advice.

The executive committee of Mamta Education Foundation is composed of retired judges, practicing advocates, jurists, senior student of law colleges and people related to various walks of life and provides guidance to the poor on any legal matters.

The organization sets up the following mission: focus on depressed and poor segments of our society, help them to go through the process of legal advices.
In India many people are suffering from hardship which often go unattended. They feel frustrated because they do not know where to go for justice, and even if they know they are unable to pay, justice remains a far off dream for them.

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